If you have ever said aloud that you would like to visit all 50 states in the US, you are a travel completionist. We are a ridiculous breed of travelers who sets lofty goals of extreme specificity. We are the ones who try to watch a game in every baseball stadium, or try to trek to the highest point in every continent, or try to drive the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway.

The term “completionist” comes from video games to describe players who try to find ever secret, beat every mini boss, and collect every magic bauble.

A completionist traveler doesn’t let travel companies or magazines with their “33 best places to visit this year” tell us what to do. Some might question why we would want to go to rural Illinois to stand on a hill that shorter than many office buildings. The secret is that we know that in order to accomplish these goals, we had to take a floatplane, barter with a farmer to let us trespass, or find last minute sleeping arrangements. We realize that the journey is the real prize.

If you are excited about seeing stuff that is truly off the beaten path, then Travel Completionist is for you. We have interviews with folks who have completed their goal, tips on how to finish some of the most common quests, good places to eat and fun alternative activities around there, and lists of strange challenges to take. We also have this snazzy map that shows you how close you are to your next adventure.

If you are just getting started with travel completionist, you should take a look at some beginner level challenges.

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Travel Completionist is run by Chris Zukowski. He is a writer and designer based in Arizona. He got his first taste as a completionist when he tried to take a picture of every building that is depicted on the back of each denomination of the US dollar.