The most famous drinking fountain builder in Rome and how to visit all of his works

Rome is a city where every nook seems hand-crafted by an artisan. Even something as mundane as a municipal public drinking fountains get special treatment in the Eternal City. In 1925 Architect Pietro Lombardi created a total of 8 unique fountains that were built to honor their respective surrounding neighborhood. As a completionist it is only natural that you should attempt to visit all of them on your next visit to Rome. Here is how to find them.

Fontana delle Anfore – Fountain of the Amphora

Architect Pietro Lombardi designed this fountain in 1925. Its elegant design won Lombardi the commission of 7 more fountains equally as a majestic to represent the various districts of Rome. Those 7 are listed below.

Location: Piazza Testaccio, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Fontana delle Tieare  – Fountain of the Tiaras

Pietro Lombardi’s creation to honor the Borgo district which borders Vatican City. The fountain is decorated with the Keys of St. Peter and capped by the papal crown. The fountain is worth visiting if only for the charming small passageway hidden among the dense city.

Location: Just North of Piazza San Pietro (Largo del Colonnato)

Largo del Colonnato, 00193 Roma RM, Vatican City

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Fontana della Pigna – Fountain of the Pine Cone

Don’t mistake this fountain for its larger cousin in the Vatican. Pietro Lombardi sculpted this fountain to honor the district known as Pigna.

Location: Next to Piazza Venezia

Fontana Della Botte – Fountain of the barrel

Pietro Lombardi tribute to the many taverns in this roman neighborhood.

Location : Via della Cisterna,

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Fontana dei Libri – Fountain of the Books

A haphazard stack of books, 4 streams trickling in 4 different directions, and a severed deer head are the elements of this Pietro Lombardi drinking fountain. In case you were wondering, the deer head is the symbol of the district’s church of Sant’Eustachio.

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Fontana delle Palle di Cannone – Fountain of the Cannon Balls

Pietro Lombardi’s drinking fountain to honor the nearby Castel S. Angelo – a defensive castle.

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Location: Via di Porta Castello, 00193 Roma


Fontana del Timone – The ship wheel

Pietro Lombardi’s drinking fountain to honor the historic shipping port of of the Tiber – Ripa Grande (Notice the lettering around the wheel)

Location: Porto di Ripa Grande, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

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Fontana dei Monti – Fountain of the Mountains


Pietro Lombardi design this fountain to have the three distinct mountains (which look like they are straight out of Super Mario World) to represent the district’s hills.

LOCATION:  Via di San Vito, Rione Monti, Rome

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