What does it mean to be a Travel Completionist

What makes a site so special to be considered a Travel Completionist Site? Here are some rule:

  • The sites must be related to each other in some way. So for example, the 50 states in the US or the 7 wonders of the world.
  • The set of sites must not be ambiguous or debatable so that if two different people were undertaking the same quest they could agree upon the sites. For example visiting the “10 best bars in New York” would not be Completionist because who is right in that case?
  • The sites must be relatively stable. It is hard to have a long term goal if the list keeps changing on you. Visiting the world’s 10 tallest buildings can change within a decade. Stick to 10 tallest mountains, they don’t change as much.
  • The term “visit” is up to personal preference and are relative to the goal. Being physically at the location is the most basic requirement. Flights over do not count. Some quests do require more than just physical presence. I argue you must at least spend one night to count it as visiting a country or a state.

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